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What is this world that we live in?!

Last night multiple people sent this photo into us as it emerged on social media, portraying one young man dressed in black face as Trayvon Martin while another depicted George Zimmerman with a shirt that reads “Neighborhoo Watchman,” yes missing the “d” at the end.

With bullet wound and fake blood on the chest and all the young man poses all smiles as the faux “Zimmerman” points his gun posed finger to his costumed mate.

Apparently everyone in the photo thought it was a funny as multiple photo emerged on the young lady’s Instagram account ( ktcimeno), which is coincidentally now private. But have no fear she also posted the shameless bafoolery on her Facebook page.

Is the life of a young black man worth nothing to us? A teen who was unjustly followed and murdered.

Not only is this blatantly racially offensive on levels of the extreme but also completely disrespectful to the parents and family of Trayvon Martin, who’s life is now becoming a joke.

The life and death of Trayvon Martin is NOT a joke. 

Have we no heart? No compassion?


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