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Can’t hold this Macklemore look-alike back.

A brave young man by the name of Andrew Hales thought it was a great idea to dress up as Macklemore and trick Macklemore’s fans during his concert at Utah’s Maverick Center.

Equipped with a video camera and an entourage of friends, Macklemore’s look-alike did an interview outside the venue and madness ensued. The impersonator then attempted to pass through security, and surprisingly, he pulled it off without a hitch.

After making it through security, Macklemore’s impersonator and his friends headed to the bathroom to celebrate their almost impossible mission, before they were subsequently kicked out of the Maverick Center by management.

Despite getting kicked out by the venue’s management, the real Macklemore saw the video and thought it was hilarious. Macklemore tweeted:

Watch Macklemore’s look-alike cause chaos in the hilarious video up top.

SOURCE: Missinfo

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