UCLA might be one of the most prestigious universities in the country, but apparently they are one of the least diverse.

A group of students recently made a video calling out the university for their lack of diversity when it comes to African-American males, which was led by Sy Stokes.

The video is done in spoken word format, revealing a lot of the universities statistics when it comes to their diversity.

According to the school’s stats, African-Americans make up only about 3.8 percent of the student population, with black males making up about 3.3 percent of the male population.

In an interview, Sy said that he nearly dropped out during his first year at the school, being that he felt so isolated and uncomfortable before finding the minority community.

He said in the interview with the Daily Bruin:

“We had to do something to put our issues on the map.”

Janina Montero said in an email statement:

“We certainly recognize that the low numbers of African Americans and other underrepresented students on campus does lead to a sense of isolation and invisibility. It is difficult to eliminate this painful imbalance without considering race in the admissions process.”

Hopefully this video can spread so that Sy Stokes’ message can be heard.

SOURCE: The Huffington Post

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