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She’s the number 1 diva in this game.

Now before we continue, let us quickly give you a definition of a “Diva.” Beyonce defined it the best – A successful and glamorous female performer; especially: a female singer who has achieved popularity. And no one plays the part quite like Mariah Carey does.

And rightfully so, the superstar has 18 number one singles, 5 Grammys, 31 Billboard Music Awards, and countless platinum albums under her belt. Not to mention her ridiculous voice. How many singers can hit those high notes? Not many and for that, MiMi gets a pass. She’s entitled to have her sporadic “Diva” moments and while it may make some people cringe, we actually enjoying witnessing all of them.

Here’s a look back at the times Mariah Carey acted like a total diva.

1.) Never a dull moment

Hey, at least she’s the first to admit it, and this hilarious clip proves as much. Mariah Carey’s glam squad is seen touching up the singer’s hair and makeup in the middle of her 2010 concert in Chicago.

2.) Proud mother

Everything MiMi does has to be over the top, including the birth of her adorable twins. During an interview with Barbara Walters in 2011, Mariah revealed she insisted on having a live version of her song “Fantasy” playing while birthing her twins. Why you ask? “So they could hear the applause as they entered the world,” Mariah proudly admits.

3.) Center of Attention

As if performing with a pair of sunglasses wasn’t diva-ish enough, MC takes it up a notch when a backup singer tries to steal her shine. In 2008, Mariah performed “Touch My Body” on Good Morning America. The hilarious clip features the singer calling out a backup dancer singing in tune, “Stop singing my part now, baby.” Watch the diva moment starting at the 3:04 mark.

4.) MTV Cribs

We all remember when Mariah Carey appeared on MTV Cribs. In the 2002 episode, MC showed us every inch of her penthouse apartment, which held a salon, rooms that no one uses and every other glamorous feature only a diva would request. Mariah changed her outfit 6 times while giving viewers a tour of her home and even jumped in her bathtub covered in bubbles. Relive the moment below.

5.) American Idol

No one knows for sure why Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj didn’t get along during the taping of American Idol, but we might have an idea. It seems that Mariah expected to be the only female judge on the panel, so when Nicki was added on, Mariah didn’t take it well. After a heated argument with the rapper at a taping went viral, Mariah felt that she had to take matters into her own hands. In an interview with Barbara Walters, Mariah claims that “it was an unsafe work environment” for her, which resulted in the singer hiring more security.

6.) Red carpet wherever she goes

Now, this is a classic diva moment. In 2005, Mariah Carey checked into the Baglioni Hotel in London, but not before her crew made sure everything was up to par with MiMi’s standards. According to reports, Mariah waited in her limo until the hotel had rolled out a red carpet for her arrival.

7.) She makes her own first class flight

When Mariah was asked to be part of the low-budget independent 2008 film Tennessee, the singer was told that due to a set budget, traveling arrangements for the film were cut back to economy seating only. Well, Mariah wasn’t having it, so what did she do? She bought every single seat on her flight!

8.) Preserving the voice

Ever wondered how Mariah cares for her vocals? She admits to going to extreme measures for it, like sleeping with 20 humidifiers around her bed extreme. MC was quoted saying, “Basically, it’s like sleeping in a steam room. The bed is all toweling cloth, the ceiling is sloped so the water can’t fall on my head, and it drips down to my side.”

9.) It’s all about the angles

After recently giving birth to her twins in 2011, Mariah Carey appeared on the HSN to promote her jewelry line. In an effort to make sure she looked good on camera, the singer requested that the camera films her best angles only. They obliged, but Mariah wasn’t too happy about it and said she looked “unflattering.” She wasn’t too pleased her earrings were being sold for $40 either.

10.) Diva demands

While arriving in the UK to promote her new album, Mariah Carey and her 15 person entourage rolled into a Selfridges department stories and demanded an antique table covered with silk cloth. Oh, by the way, it had to be flown in from New York. During her appearance there, Mariah sat on a throne that was surrounded by roses and butterflies.

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Instagram