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PlayStation 4 North American Official Launch Event Presented By Sony Entertainment Network

Today, we entered a new era of video games. Sony’s latest creation, the Playstation 4, made its worldwide debut at midnight.

Despite the not-so-cheap price tag of $399, and a weak lineup of launch games, fans from all around the world got in line to get their hands on the latest video game console before it sold out.

Here was some of the craziness that went down last night.

So the first person to get a PS4 was this dude named James:

Folks at a Wal-Mart in Dallas lucked out last night, when Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant came through and bought some people a system:

Xbox, who has their own major system dropping next week, showed some Twitter love:

There were some problems, however. For one, this woman in Canada got hers stolen.

ps4 stolen

And for some reason, people were breaking their PS4 system just moments after they were purchased:

Not sure what kinda point these dudes were trying to make:

Like, really 

People who didn’t break their systems have been complaining about the wait times

Some people got broken PS4s, which sucks (the curse of the dreaded red light continues!)

And we’re not sure what this dude ordered, honestly 

But most people had great success getting their consoles, and most were legit happy  

And, if you were in the NYC area, you probably saw this dude lurking around:

Now, video game heads, be prepared to do it all again next week with the release of Xbox One!

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