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Let’s all agree here that Black Friday is the worst.

Waking up at 3 am and dealing with the pushing and shoving of strangers isn’t the best feeling after stuffing your face with turkey. Every year, anticipation grows for alluring sales and items to fill up stockings for the holidays, but no matter what, it’s still the worst – period.

Believe me, I’ve been on both sides of the very scary spectrum. While you were enjoying Thanksgiving dinner and Charlie Brown specials, I was either with family members in the blistering cold trying to get linens for a dollar, or setting up fixtures and folding tables at your favorite retail store. But the troll in all of us comes out when Black Friday arrives.

1. Many Black Friday sales begin ON Thanksgiving evening. In 2014, are we going race to stores on Halloween?

2. People feel accomplished …all for $1.28 towels. (Or is that a good thing?)

3. We ignore spending time with our families to spend time with the latest gadget.

4. You climb mountains for items that are by the checkout counter.

5. Shopping makes you skip a nice Thanksgiving meal and go to Arby’s instead.

6.  And your wife is mad that she slaved away in the kitchen and you just ate fries.

7. You sign up for a credit card you can’t afford for the extra 3 percent off.

8. Roughly 3 people die every year on Black Friday.

9. Cops bring out pepper spray to calm down shoppers….because it’s THAT DANGEROUS.

And if you’re working…

10. You’re forced to spend the holidays with the worst people…your coworkers.

11. And eat someone else’s Thanksgiving leftovers.

12. You can’t hide in the fitting rooms because they’re all full.

13. People still expect you to give them discounts on discounted items.

14. You can’t shop on the clock, but you manage to do it anyway and someone steals your stuff.

15. You spend all your money just to find out about Cyber Monday.

And even when it’s all over, we’re just gonna do it again next year!