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Another day, another metaphor from Mr. West. After aligning himself with Steve Jobs, Andy Warhol, Da Vinci and the like, Kanye West has found a new person to compare himself to: President Obama.

While on his press rounds, Yeezy stopped by Atlanta’s V-103 to talk about his favorite topic: fashion. During the discussion, Kanye spoke again about Louis Vuitton, noting that their decision to not let him work in their factory set him back.

“I couldn’t get better,” he said, noting that even his rap game improved with practice. “Think about the way I rap on College Dropout versus the way I rap on Watch the Throne.“ He then continued to say: “I want to be the first black person to go and design for Louis Vuitton consistently.”

Ironic, considering just a few weeks ago he was trash talking the company, calling for boycotts and exclaiming he would not want to design for LV due to their prices.

Naturally, Kanye dropped a few more gems throughout the interview, calling Kim Kardashian his “drug” in so many words and comparing himself to Michael Jackson. Check out some of the notables below.

On W Magazinewho he says tried to make a mockery of him earlier this year for trying to “learn out loud:”

“They don’t want a n**** to open up his mind and start looking at all these other places,” he said. “As long as we’re controlled by the idea of just having a nice car, a Louis Vuitton bag for Christmas we won’t ever sniff out and want that factory over there or ever empower ourselves.”

On him and Kim being more relevant than any corporation: 

“The [biggest corporation’s] amount of money can only equal the amount of relevancy that me and Kim have,” he said. “I might not be a billionaire, but I’m a trillionaire in relevancy.”

On his plan to use his “power” to help him succeed in the fashion industry:

“Obama couldn’t have won without the black vote. I am going to use the power that we have to break through, to push those barriers that Michael [Jackson] had to break…”

And alas, he added this tidbit:

“Jackson didn’t get to lay down with Kim Kardashian every night,” Kanye explained. “He had to take whatever that was to relax. I be relaxed. I be happy.”

Oh, Kanye. Check out the full interviews below to hear more about that Obama comparison.


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