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With all the fashion talk Kanye West has been doing, we almost forgot the rapper’s upcoming role in the much-anticipated Anchorman sequel.

But with a Christmas release date looming, we’re getting a better look at what it was like to work with Kanye on set of a film, and apparently, it is much like working with Kanye anywhere else: full of music, rapping and Kanye-isms.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues was shot on Atlanta’s northwest side in three warehouses, with enough room for Kanye and a pregnant Kim to stretch their wings. Director Adam McKay recently shared the experience of working with Kanye on set when he caught up with Rolling Stone Magazine.

Check out the quotes below. 

On Kanye’s temperament on set of the film:

“Kanye was great. He really locked in. He asked me a ton of questions. He’s super-interested in process – he’s a big fan of comedy. He took private lessons in beginner’s improv with a friend of mine in Chicago a few years ago.” Joining West for part of the trip was Kim Kardashian, who was at the time a month away from giving birth to the couple’s daughter. “She was there the first day,” McKay said. “She seemed like this totally normal, pretty girl – not the most-Googled woman on earth.”

Kanye was also rapping to the cast while on set: 

“He rapped us a new song, then rapped it again for hair and make-up – so awesome,” McKay said. “What’s the single?” Ferrell asked. “I think it was ‘New Slaves’ – the really strident one. Whichever one gets off on a rant. He was like, ‘You guys want to listen to some new tracks?’ We’re like, Yeah, sure! Then he started performing, and it gets to the point where he’s screaming. He goes a full 100-miles-an-hour. Then he’d turn off and go, ‘Anyway, thanks.’ It was hilarious.”

And before departing, he played his album through the sound department:

“He was playing it through the sound department, on the speakers on set, at the park, as people were setting up for the next shot. Which was great. But then he didn’t understand when it had to be turned off, when it was time to actually film. He was like, ‘Hey man, what’s going on?’ We didn’t want Kanye to get upset, but at the same time, we kind of had to film.”

Yep, sounds accurately Kanye to us. Check out some snaps of Kanye suited up for his role here. 

SOURCE: Rolling Stone

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