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The death of Paul Walker has upset many fans around the world, but it’s also left them with questions of what will happen to the Fast & the Furious movie franchise and the upcoming installment.

At the time of Paul’s tragic death, production for Fast & The Furious 7 was already underway, and it looks like the movie will continue to film after all.

Director James Wan spoke with TMZ just this week, where he revealed that they will film the rest of the movie in the aftermath of Paul’s death.

He didn’t reveal any details on what plans they might have with Paul’s character, who already had shot some scenes for the movie.

The options are to either keep what Paul had already filmed in the final movie, or they might have to write him out altogether and start from scratch.

What do you guys think would honor Paul Walker’s memory in the best way? Let us know in the comments below!


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