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Amina Buddafly thinks Peter Gunz‘s baby mother Tara Wallace is stalking her life!

The married Love & Hip-Hop star, who many think broke up Tara’s relationship with her rapper baby daddy, stopped by the No Judgment Zone and held nothing back. She explained why her Instagram is private, saying that she was being stalked by Peter’s other woman.

“I was tired of having to hide. Now it’s just at point that I feel like I’m being stalked by certain people. But not that it would stop the stalking because you can just sign in as somebody else, and that’s what’s happening.” Adding, “If you have to make a fake account to see my pictures, then do that.”

After being questioned if it’s the other girl in her steamy love triangle she says, “She sees every fucking thing that I post and she’s not following me.”

She goes on to explain how her relationship with her husband Peter Gunz came about and how it’s him who caused this love triangle mess. Amina also opened up about how Peter confronted her for not checking Hot 97’s program director during an interview where he went at the reality star.

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