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For the record, Beyonce has always been slightly nasty.

Yes, before her recently released self-titled album, and the emergence of her explicit alter ego “Yonce,” her sexuality never manifested itself via a description of giving (Jay Z) fellatio while just feet away from her driver – “Driver roll up the partition please, I don’t need you seeing Yonce on her knees,” she sings on new track “Partition.” But trust us: it was there all along.

Within the carefully written innuendoes that made songs like “Kitty Kat” and “Ego” memorable, Bey bounced sex off of her lips without the world taking much notice prior to this album.

And somehow, she’s managed to maintain her good girl, squeaky clean image – even while detailing her sex tape fantasies in “Video Phone” and frustrations with the fact that it “won’t fit” in “Ego.”

So yes, King Bey is especially freaky now – like, really freaky  – but there were definitely times she got a little lyrically nasty before “Yonce” came into the picture… and while she used metaphors to disguise her naughty behavior sometimes, many of the old lyrics listed below were quite literal and straight to the point, so don’t act so surprised she sexed it all the way up.

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“Speechless” – 2003

Where you been baby
Waited for you all day
Waited for you to use the key
That opens my place

Laying so closely
I feel your skin rubbing and touching me
Only sweat between us
Feeling you kissing and pleasing me
I rub your back
I kiss your neck
I know that you love when we touch like that
I can feel you need me
Feels so good to me
Feels so good to me

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“Check On It” – 2005

You can look at it, as long as you don’t grab it
If you don’t go braggin, I’ma let you have it
You think that I’m teasin, but I ain’t got no reason
I’m sure that I can please ya, but first I gotta read you

I can tell you wanna taste it, but I’m gone make you chase it
You got to be patient, I like my men patient
More patience, you take might get you in more places
You can’t be abrasive, have to know to pace it
If I let you get up on it, you gotta make a promise
That you gone put it on me, like no ones put it on me
Don’t bore me, just show me, all men talk but don’t please
I can be a tease, but I really wanna please you

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“Ego” – 2009 

It’s too big (big)
It’s too wide (wide)
It’s too strong (strong)
It won’t fit (fit)
It’s too much (much)
It’s too tough (tough)
He talk like this ’cause he can back it up

I love his big ego
It’s too much
He walk like this ’cause he can back it up

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“Dance For You” – 2011

Tonight I’m gonna put my body on your body
Boy I like it when you watch me, ah
Tonight it’s going down
I’ll be rocking on my babe, rocking, rocking on my babe,
Swirlin’ on my babe, swirlin’, swirlin’ on my babe
Baby let me put my body on your body
Promise not to tell nobody
‘Cause it’s ’bout to go down!

And I wanna say thank you in case I don’t thank you enough
A woman in the street and a freak in the you know what
Sit back, sit back, it’s the pre-game show
Daddy you know what’s up

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“Video Phone” – 2009

You saying that you want B?
So press record and let you film me
On your video phone
Make a cameo
Tape me on your video phone
I can handle you
Watch me on your video phone

What? You want me naked?
If you liking this position you can tape it
On your video phone

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“Kitty Kat” – 2006

On top of you not calling me back
You see I bet you think it’s all on track
And you actin’ like it’s all a dat

Let’s go, let’s go Little Kitty Kat
I think it’s time to go let’s go Little Kitty Kat
He don’t want no mo’
Let’s go Little Kitty Kat
Quite frankly No mo’ getting it
I’m not feeling it

What about my body, body?
You don’t want my body, body
Acting like I’m not nobody
You gon’ make me call somebody

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“Work It Out” – 2002

How you doing honey baby
You know I don’t ask for much but
For a girl spending time alone can be pretty rough
But I hear a knock on my door
You know it’s yours for sure
We can’t wait for the bedroom
So we just hit the floor

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“Baby Boy” – 2003

Aah oh my baby’s fly baby oh
Yes no hurt me so good baby oh
I’m so wrapped up in your love let me go
Let me breathe stay out my fantasies

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“Be With You” – 2003

I love the way you make me feel
It slows down time
Come in my bedroom and turn off the lights

You whisper softly in my ear
Makes me unwind
The way you touch me
Lets me know you’re mine

I’m holding back nothin
Saving it all for you
Baby I love making love to you
It’s like a high I can’t come down from you

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“Get Me Bodied” – 2007

Want my body
Won’t you get me bodied
You want my body
Won’t you get me bodied

You should see my body
I gotta know enough to know if you can get me bodied
I’m kinda tight, I’m feeling right enough to see somebody
I wanna let it off tonight

Get somebody
Ain’t no shame ’cause I gotta get mine
I swing my hair, kick off my shoes
Come her boy let me work on you

Even back in her Destiny’s Child days, Bey was singing along to some explicit lyrics. One example?

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“Soldier” – 2004

I need a soldier
That ain’t scared to stand up for me
Known to carry big things 
If you know what I mean

Low cut caesars wit the deep waves
So quick to snatch up your Beyonce 
Always comin down poppin our way
Tellin us that country girls the kinda girl they like


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