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Every person of high power has a signature way that they embrace or acknowledge their fans. For presidents, it’s kissing babies, for politicians, it’s hand shaking, and for Beyonce, it’s hand waving.

Queen Bey has made it known that she loves her Beyhive, so all the stans know that when Beyonce waves, it’s a salute of acknowledgement. She loves to wave so much, she even incorporated it into her “Single Ladies” dance!

With over 15 years in the game, Mrs. Carter has perfected her salute. From the shy, behind her shades, hand held low wave, to the excited, standing on the balcony acknowledging her billions of fans wave, we love when the poised pop star says hello.

With her perfectly manicured nails and her B-Girl stance, check out these pics of Queen Bey and her signature hand wave.


26 Pics Of Beyonce Waving For The Cameras (PHOTOS)
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