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Like many celebs, Usher recently decided to get away for New Years. Rather than head somewhere tropical and hit the beach, the performer made his way to Africa!

Instead of relaxing in a luxury resort, Usher roughed it in the Sahara Desert in the North African nation of Morocco. The singer camped out and even caught a ride on a camel! Photos of the star show him bundled up in a hat, scarf, long pants and shirts during his African adventure.

“Slept in the Sahara…Check,” the 35-year-old wrote in a caption on Instagram. During his stay he was able to immerse himself in the rich Moroccan culture, spending time with a local family and enjoying camp fire side songs under the night sky!

“Azul means ‘Welcome’ in Berber,” he wrote. “the singin in their native language.”

It seems his visit gave him a little perspective; Usher urged his fans to take the time to learn about other cultures in the upcoming year.

“You gotta explore a little bit more in 2014,” he said. “This is just how U see it. So, we sleepin in the desert for the night…you can tell Game of Thrones fans when you see ’em. Where the hell is Calise though?”

After a few days of rustic living Usher made his way to Marrakesh, where he stayed in a gorgeous home and cruised around the dessert on ATVs with friends.

What a way to start the new year!


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