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Rick Ross isn’t down with the party rockers.

After winning his case against former drug kingpin “Freeway,” Rick Ross, the MMG boss is back in court, and now he’s the plaintiff.

“The Devil Is A Lie” rapper has filed a lawsuit against pop duo, LMFAO over the line “everyday I’m shuffling” used in their 2010 smash hit “Party Rock Anthem.” Rick Ross claims the line copies his 2006 hit song “Hustlin” and violates copyright infringement laws.

Rick Ross raps, “everyday I’m hustlin’,” while LMFAO say, “everyday I’m shufflin’.”

The lawsuit reads:

The use of “Hustlin” in “Party Rock Anthem” is readily apparent, despite the slight change from ‘Everyday I’m hustlin’. . . ‘to ‘Everyday I’m shufflin’. . . ” and constitutes, inter alia, the creation of an unauthorized derivative work, [making it] an obvious attempt to capitalize on the fame and success of “Hustlin.”

LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” sold 7.5 million copies and has been used in various commercials, advertisements, and featured on the duo’s Party Rock clothing line. Rick Ross’ legal team is seeking maximum statutory damages.

LMFAO hasn’t responded to the lawsuit, but we want you to respond in the comment section below. Should Rick Ross be suing the duo over three words?


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