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Beyoncé has released Part 5 of her Self-Titled documentary and it takes a look at her new found bravery and honesty with her sexuality as a mother, a wife and “growwwwn woman” that could do whatever she wants.

We see the behind the scenes of the recording process for one of the most lusty songs on the album, “Rocket.”

Beyoncé reveals one of her favorite part of the whole experience is that Pharrell, Miguel and Timbaland willingly came together to write the track and their reaction to Bey going off in the booth is pretty hilarious.

Pharrell points out to Bey:

“You just ran through jail and just let all the women out cuz, you set women free. I’m trying to tell you that record is a phenomenon”

We would have to agree. Check out Yoncé discuss her fearlessness and more in the video above.

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