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The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills have been touted as the next Kardashians. One media outlet even called them the replacement for the Kardashians. Kim, and Kourtney are both milfs, Kendall and Kylie are camera-shy and Khloe is hotter than fire but she’s going through her own personal issues that not going to allow her to grab the torch.

Sure there is North West and Penelope but they’ve got an 18 year holding period. So why not the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.

The show follows five socialites, led by Dorothy Wang (her occupation is “Funemployed!”) and Morgan Stewart (she blogs at the very bizarre The cast is rounded out by Morgan’s boyfriend Brendan (the only one who actually has a job), Roxy (who is about to get cut off from her parents), and a singer named Jonny.

Dorothy Wang and Morgan Stewart are the most interesting of the bunch. Dorothy started the Rich Kids of Instagram where she posted pictures flaunting how dope her and her friends lives were.

But it’s Morgan who really caught my eye, she has a love for hip-hop, she’s hot and her cat is super ratchet. Granted her cat probably eats better than most people but hey she’s one of the RKOBH.

In a blog titled, “Feelin’ No REMORSE feel like my hand was FORCED” she writes about how nervous she is to let so many people into her life.

Every word that was uttered by me or my friends over the past three months can be displayed however a group of people see fit?? Listen the whole world talks shit, myself included…but I’m not sure if I’m ready to have a 100,000 people all tell me at the SAME time how disgusting I am or how much they hope I die…and soon. That’s going to be a harsh reality. Hopefully one that will be dealt with sooner rather than later…

While she’s ready for the hate she gives zero phucks about what y’all think.

“Lastly: to all the motherfuckers who are talking shit and A. think I am unaware or B. think they have any right as they waste away in their own pathetic misery with NOTHING GOING ON FOR THEMSELVES, you can so politely suck my dick.”

This might just be the new turn up! Throw in Magic Johnson’s flamboyant son EJ January 19 is going to be sick. Consider yourself warned.

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