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We may be a little older than the targeted demographic for Pretty Little Liars, but we will admit that our guilty little pleasure is riddled with just the right amount of fashion to make it acceptable, and now, all the younger gals (OK, maybe us too) can rejoice in the news that PLL now has its own clothing line. Finally.

PLL costume designer  Mandi Line has teamed up with the retail brand Aéropostale on a four-season collection that will make all things Aria, Emily, Hannah, and Spencer yours, depending on your taste of course.

NYLON caught up with Mandi for an interview where she gushed about working on the project with the brand and the show.

“When I first started with PLL, I knew that if all the cards aligned this would be the ideal show for a clothing line. It’s just so popular–a combination of the books, an edgy, savvy team, and a cast that embodies everything. The line is only going to get better and better,” she hints. “What’s so cool is that everyone’s so obsessed with the show. I’ll be at a store and I’ll overhear girls being like, ‘That’s so Aria,’ or ‘Spencer would never wear that…’ I just stand there and laugh to myself.”

And now the brand has an actual breakdown to shop from that is personalized by the characters on the show. The first collection in stores now includes everything from a varsity bomber, (Emily) lots of girly dresses (Hanna), and plenty of blazers which we’re sure Hannah and Aria can share.

The best part of it all? You can own a piece of it before you tune in to the Winter return of PLL tonight by shopping the collection, by character, on the site now. 


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