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Smugglers moving drugs made a huge “logistical error” when they sent boxes filled with bananas and cocaine to five Berlin supermarkets.

Supermarket staffers discovered the 140 kg of drugs on Monday, just before the fruit went on sale to the public. Authorities in Berlin say the cocaine discovery was the largest in Germany’s capital in about 15 years and has an estimated black market value of 6 million euros.

“We were of course surprised,” senior police officer Olaf Schremm, who heads the local drug investigation department, told reporters. “I don’t know where the mistake was in the perpetrators’ delivery chain.”

The banana cartons, part of a consignment of 1,134 boxes, were brought by ship from Colombia to Hamburg and delivered to a fruit wholesaler in Berlin. Cocaine was found in seven of them, Schremm said.

Police say the cocaine will be stores and eventually destroyed. And someone at the drug smuggling operation is sure to be fired, we’re pretty certain.

SOURCE: Huffington Post | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty