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In 2013, Fox News was listed as the most distrusted name in news. And yes, that really happened.

And no wonder. Between radically religious rants, not-so-subtle racist segments, bringing Ann Coulter in for conservative craziness and even making a baby cry, Fox never ceases to make our jaws drop.

And yes…making a baby cry actually happened. Which leads us to believe they are the biggest bullies in cable news.

Need proof?

Well, here’s that baby crying because Brian Kilmeade THREW A BALL IN HIS FACE:

A baby dude? Srsly guise…

And what about that time Megyn Kelly tried to strong-arm all the little children of the world into believing Santa couldn’t be anything but white and Jesus, despite being born in the Middle East, was also white: 

Ruining Christmas’ everywhere…

What about that time Sean Hannity and his friend Ann Coulter got into name-calling, dubbing Melissa Harris-Perry the “token African-American” of MSNBC:

Way to not be at all racist…

Or that time they got really rude and played “Dude Looks Like A Lady” during a segment on Chelsea Manning (previously Bradley):

Absolutely. The. Fuck. Rude.

Remember when that one Fox host tried to belittle a religious scholar by suggesting he didn’t have the authority to write a book about Jesus because he is Muslim? (And he nicely read that ass):

Read that ass to filth!

And what about the time Megyn Kelly called for “Santa is white, you bitches” back-up:

We don’t believe you, you need more people…

Or that time Fox even tried to bully one of their favorites —  Robert Zimmerman Jr. — by forcing him to bad-mouth President Obama after his brother was acquitted of murder:

You can’t make me do it!

There was that time Dana Perino suggested that victims’ of crimes should probably make better choices (skip to 4:40):

Way to go with your victim shaming…

Remember when Brian Kilmeade took micro-aggressions to a new level and asked a Nicaraguan co-host if she grew up eating tacos?

Assuming I’m Mexican? I’m embarrassed for you.

When they demonized Mr. Rogers:

Only the devil does such things…

Then there was that time a male host told Tamara Holder to “know her place” as a woman:

We can’t make this shit up…

Or that time that Fox mocked a 102-year-old woman who waited on line for hours to vote during the 2012 election:

Babies, puppies and the elderly are always off limits…always…

And any time they profiled and demonized an unarmed teenager who was shot dead by a man with a hell of a police record.

RIP Trayvon Martin