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Wow, here’s something you wouldn’t expect to hear come out of Gabrielle Union‘s mouth!

The 41-year-old engaged actress has been making the promotional rounds for her BET hit show Being Mary Jane, and despite any rumors going on about her personal life, she’s concentrating on her super successful new endeavors.

Gossip sites are likening Gabby’s recent comments to some subtle shade regarding her fiance’s Dwyane Wade‘s new child – which he conceived when the pair was broken up a while back.

In an interview with, Union revealed whether or not viewers would get to see what her character did what the sperm that she stole and froze in the pilot episode of Being Mary Jane. She said:

“You will find out. The sperm becomes a character that you will see throughout the show and you will find out what happens to the sperm. So, throw away your own condoms, fellas. Throw away your own condoms.”

We wonder if Gabrielle was being a usual humorous self, or hinting toward something in particular…Either way, she makes some serious sense!

Check out the video interview up above.


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