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Porsha Williams’ relationship with Kordell Stewart may be over, but she still believes Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas can work their marriage out.

In a recent interview with RadarOnline, Porsha revealed that she thinks the bickering couple needs counseling to better their communication with one another. She also revealed that she would say no to the bachelor pad that Peter recently mentioned he wanted.

Check out the highlights of Porsha’s interview below.

On Cynthia & Peter Needing Counseling:

“It’s a communication breakdown. I just hope that they go to counseling or go to a paster and let him get between them. Communication is so important and it’s…if you’re arguing, it’s heightened when someone else comes around.”

On The Couple Forgetting Why They’re Together:

“Deal with your issues. So they just need to take time for them to get back to the basics to why they’re together.”

On Cynthia Feeling As Though Peter Is Too Worried About Their Income To Please Her Sexually:

“That’s unfortunate that she feels that way. In a marriage, he’s supposed to have balance you out. And so that’s just unfortunate.”

On Peter Wanting A Bachelor Pad:

“Ah yeah, no. No, no, no. I completely disagree with that. I’m not even the type of girl, if we have an argument, you don’t need to leave afterwards. That’s not cool afterwards, so you’re definitely not going to have what, a bachelor’s pad, man cave whatever. I disagree with that if it was my relationship.”

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SOURCE: RadarOnline | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram