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Amid the egg assault drama surrounding Justin Bieber, Kylie Jenner is speaking out and coming to the pop star’s defense.

The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan and her big sister Kendall Jenner sat down with E! News’ Ken Baker to discuss the police raid on Bieber’s home.

Early this week, L.A. County sheriffs entered Justin’s sprawling Calabasas mansion in search of evidence that would tie him to an incident in his neighborhood. Justin is accused of egging his neighbor’s home, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Authorities were unable to uncover much else linking Justin to any further crimes, but did arrest his pal Lil Za on drug charges. While police feel their raid on the 19-year-old’s home was fair and just, Kylie seems to think it was unnecessary.

She retweeted Maejor Ali’s tweets on the matter:

Kylie elaborated on these feelings on the show:

“I feel strongly. Just because I know when we’re in positions like that,” she explained. “And I just feel like people feel like they have the opportunity to, like, kind of mess with you just because of your status.”

“So, I don’t know, I feel strongly,” she went on. “What are you raiding his house for, to find eggs?”

Despite the fact that Lil Za was the only one arrested in the raid, Kylie believes Justin has become the sole target of the investigation.

“Yeah I feel like people kind of attack him,” she said.

Though she’s shown her full support for her fellow teen celebrity, Kylie and her big sister have more than enough drama of their own to sort out.

With the season premiere of their show Keeping Up with the Kardashians just days away, Kendall and Kylie revealed a little bit of the drama that will unfold this season as the family takes on their mother and father’s separation and invasive photographers.

“We just keep out mouths shut if they ask stupid questions,” Kendall said. “I don’t know, it’s like something that you have to learn to get used to and deal with.”

Check out the video above for more.

SOURCE: E! News | PHOTO/VIDEO CREDIT: Splash, Instagram

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