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Ride Along will hit a theater near you on January 17th and co-stars Ice Cube and Kevin Hart have been gearing up for the big release by promoting heavily in these streets!

If you haven’t heard already, Ride Along follows the story of Ben, a high school security guard who’s finally been accepted into the Police Academy. Ben is eager to earn APD detective James’ respect, as he would like to ask for his sister’s hand in marriage but James has no intention of letting it go down like that.

In what is sure to be a box office hit, James (Ice Cube) makes every attempt possible to scare the mess out of Ben (Kevin Hart) and we’re just wondering which funny guy will come out on top.

Like the hilarious people that they are, they’ve shared lots of funny promotional videos to get fans excited before Ride Along is released. Check them out below, as well as a few Vines, and be sure to visit a theater near you on January 17th to catch the film!

Kevin Hart gets blown away at the gun range with Ice Cube

Don’t Disobey Kevin Hart: “You’re White!”

Ice Cube & Kevin Hart Take Promoting To Another Level While Handing Out Donuts

“Do You Want The Hammer?” 

Ice Cube & Kevin Hart Get Explicit While Promoting Ride Along: “Promo Bitch!”

Ben Must Show James He’s Worthy of His Sister.

#RideAlong: Kevin Hart Makes This Bull His “Bitch”

Ice Cube signs autograph “Stay Cool.”

Kevin Hart Spotted “Boot Scooting” For Ride Along.

PHOTO/VIDEO CREDIT: RideAlong/Instagram/Vine

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