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Ride Along opens in theaters today, but I feel like I’ve been riding along with this movie from the beginning. It all started when I was invited down to Atlanta for a set visit.

NBC Universal asked me to come out to Atlanta’s Gold Room, where they were filming this movie with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube, and I was excited. I was on an actual movie set seeing how a film gets made. As an added bonus, it was a strip club scene. I took a picture with some of the extras, and I discovered it took them about 8 hours to shoot one two-minute scene.

I didn’t know much about the film, there wasn’t a trailer or anything like that yet, but I did get a run down from Will Packer, the producer. Oh, and I also snagged one of the best tuna fish sandwiches I ever tasted, but I digress.

From that moment on, I became engulfed in the film. I interviewed Ice Cube and Kevin Hart and I even got my own Ride Along gif:

Pretty freaking cool, right? But the coolest thing was when I was asked to host the New York VIP screening.

So I invited all of my friends to come see the movie and watch me host. I called up Tahiry, Amina Buddafly, Melyssa Ford, Mack Wilds, Ab Soul, Yandy, Elle Varner, Ro James, and a bunch of other influencers and tastemakers.

I got up in front of my friends, colleagues and peers and introduced Will Packer and the cast.

It was a pretty cool event, if I do say so myself. One person on Twitter said it seemed like all of New York was there!

Check out the video below and be sure to go see Ride Along, in theaters now.

PHOTO CREDIT: Pete Monsanto/Fly Life Images

“Ride Along” NYC Movie Screening (PHOTOS)
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