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Dr Pepper is celebrating your individualism in 2014!

With the company’s new One of One “/1” campaign, fans are reminded of the refreshing soda’s originality as well as the importance in leading a unique lifestyle and embracing all that makes us different.

In order to drive the theme home, Dr Pepper is highlighting lots of individuals from different walks of life who are not only one in a billion but “one of one” but the one we’re most excited about is Macklemore’s.

Here’s what Jaxie Alt, Senior Vice President of Marking for Dr Pepper had to say about the new campaign:

“Dr Pepper has a longstanding tradition of celebrating that special something that makes each and every person unique. We are excited to continue this tradition by celebrating some truly one of a kind people who will inspire our fans.”

Check out Macklemore’s Dr Pepper commercial in the video above – it’s touching.