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From paintings to landmarks, to cityscapes and photographs, a lot of dope artwork has already been submitted to The Artisan Series Social Art Project.

Below, are some of our favorite submissions so far. Be sure to check them out and become a part of the movement by submitting a photo of your own. Take a look at the rules by clicking here – participating is super easy!

You never know – you could be featured next. Plus, posting a photo of art that inspires you might just land you tickets to Russell Simmons’ 15th Annual Art For Life Benefit Gala, an awesome Diani Mini and Flash Lomography Camera, and more.

Remember, the sweepstakes ends on March 28th, so hurry.


Submitted By: @Caleblee81

Artist: R. Peterson

Trayvon Martin

Submitted By: @MichaelSkolnik

Artist: MissAmmo

Kanye West

Submitted by: @CaleBlee81

Artist: R. Peterson 

Nelson Mandela

Submitted By: @Moscacyd

Artist: Cyd Vicious

Walter White

Submitted By: @_overlydedicated__

Artist: Ryan Battle Art

Sunset & Locks

Submitted By: @MixerLaLa

Artist: Unknown

Erykah Badu 

Submitted By: @officialanaispr

Artist: Unknown

Beautiful Women

Submitted By: @itsnajeri

Artist: Unknown

Jay Z

Submitted By: @CalebLee81

Artist: R. Peterson

Just Another Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Submitted By: @Rmak87

Photographer: Ravi Makadia

Mother Nature Gives And Takes… Circle Of  Life

Submitted: By: @thenameisluz

Photographer: Luz