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I didn’t have tickets to the Grammys. To be honest, I didn’t even know the Grammys were going down last weekend. I’ve been so focused on movies, that music hasn’t really been on my radar.

Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate the greatness of good kid M.A.A.D. city and still jam out to Young Thug’s “Danny Glover.” I’m saving up my money to see if a bitch really comes with a Bentley when you buy one, but I digress.

It wasn’t until my good friend told me he was going to be in L.A. for the Grammys during the same weekend I would be in El Aye that I realized. I started to get excited; we were going to paint the town red, gather so much Grammy content I could drop exclusives from now until the fourth of July.

But a freak accident caused my friend to oversleep, missing work and messing up his scheduled off days. By accident, I mean a freakishly beautiful curly-haired girl from across the pond he had a “photoshoot” with the day before his flight. So I was in L.A. by myself – without a camera guy. I don’t have documentation of the things I saw, but I swear I saw a lot of crazy and wild stuff this Grammy weekend that shall forever remain in the vault.

Things got started for me on Saturday, when I ended up at this day party. When I arrived, no one was there, but the burgers were good, the drinks were overpriced, but it still seemed like a good place to kill some time. After about an hour, people started pouring into the place. Fine honeys, dimes, models, groupies and thots. When the rappers showed up, the birds started squawking.

The turn up was real as bottles flowed, liquor was consumed and joints were rolled. I was not offered any cocaine, so it was going pretty damn well if you asked me.

After the day party, I decided to lay low. I skipped Cassie’s launch event because I needed to sober up and decided to catch things up at Ne-Yo’s Midnight Brunch party. Only thing is, Compound invited over 600 people to a venue that only fit around 350 people. I arrived too late and spent the entire night trying to get inside.

As I stood outside, I chatted it up with Omarion, Elle Varner, and a few others until someone got upset with me because the people told them I was BlogXilla and I deserved a band when they didn’t get one. Nonetheless, the band didn’t get me in, but it helped me stand out, as I stood outside the venue, looking at all of my friends walk in and post pics from inside as they all texted me about why I wasn’t inside.

Saturday night was a failure, and I was determined to make Sunday a night to remember. My night started off at the Pandora after party. When I walked in it felt like opulence, I was surrounded by suits, gowns and you couldn’t walk five steps without bumping into a celebrity.

Yo Gotti, Skylar Diggins, Lance Bass and other famous faces were in attendance.

Music was provided by Adrian Lux and it was the perfect kick-off for the night. After the Pandora party, the night really turned up at the G-Shock-sponsored after-after party for Republic Records.

Jessie J was in the building enjoying herself. The pop star twerked, danced and genuinely had a great time. You hear about wild parties, but this one went down in the record books. I saw a couple making out in the bathroom, another fooling around behind the DJ booth and a lot of couches got stood on that day!

One day I’ll write the Rated R version of this story, but if you ever meet me in person, ask me to show you “The Picture.”

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