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She’s back and cuter than ever!

The multiracial child who made a splash last year (and apparently angered those not ready to see an interracial family on television) is back. Gracie appeared in a Cheerios commercial alongside an African-American father and a white mother in 2013 and now, she’s starring in a Cheerios Super Bowl ad…and we can’t get enough of it.

But instead of pouring Cheerios on her father (to protect him from heart disease…duh), she’s getting even and setting her terms for the arrival of a new family member — a little brother.

So while dad explains the newest addition to the family using Cheerios, Gracie is plotting to get a new puppy in the process. And we don’t blame her, she’s got to get something out of the deal!

“Cheerios is about families and love and connections and breakfast,” said Camille Gibson, VP of marketing for Big G cereals, on the General Mills corporate blog. “Our new Cheerios ad celebrates one of those special moments in a family that America fell in love with. The ad quietly celebrates the emotional sharing and simple joys we find when spending just a few simple moments together every day.”

Watch the cuteness above and thank us later.