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We’re all obsessed with ABC’s gem Scandal, but ever wonder how the First Lady of the United States feels about the depiction of White House drama in the hit show?

During an interview with Ryan Seacrest on his radio show, Michelle Obama spilled the beans. And surprisingly, she hadn’t even watched Kerry Washington’s character Olivia handle any political situation until this past Christmas.

Shocking! But now that she has, is she a fan?

“I hadn’t watched it until this past vacation and we went to Hawaii…  so [we] had a long flight [and] I watched all the seasons … I love Kerry Washington. She is amazing, so it makes the show fun.”

We knew she’d be a Gladiator.

Seacrest and FLOTUS chatted it up some more, discussing what it’s like raising two teenage daughters in the most famous house in America, her childhood obesity campaign “Let’s Move,” and the difference between Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act.

Hint: there isn’t one.

“It’s one in the same. The Affordable Care Act allows every single American to have access to quality affordable health care, which is so important because there are millions of people out there who are worried about losing their home or going bankrupt because someone gets sick … What Barack believes is that here in America … poor health should not be the thing that causes someone to lose their home. But before the Affordable Care Act … that’s actually what was happening to people around the country.” “But, the important thing about the ACA, as well,” Mrs. Obama continues, “is it’s not just about providing insurance to the uninsured. The act has also provided a lot of benefits for people with insurance.”

And before the interview was over, Seacrest even got Michelle to give us the details on Valentine’s Day at the White House…with it being around the corner and all.

“This year, again, I’ve had this big birthday celebration—my husband really celebrated me so well—He did a great job. I had a great couple of weeks, so I think we’re going to low-key it for Valentine’s Day.”

Fair enough. Listen to the entire interview below:

SOURCE: Ryan Seacrest

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