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As you all now know, “Royals” singer Lorde really is 17-years-old.

Earlier this week, a photocopy of the New Zealand native’s birth certificate surfaced on the ‘net confirming the two-time Grammy winner is really only 17 (despite the rumors of her being much older).

Now, our good friends at Buzzfeed found old footage of Lorde in junior high school performing with her band Extreme. The footage dates back to 2009, when Lorde was approximately 12-years-old.

Back in 2009, Lorde seemed much happier about life and actually smiled a lot. Lorde’s bitchy resting face probably wasn’t birthed until her 13th birthday, you know, when kids become official teenagers and think they’re really cool.

Watch a 12-year-old Lorde rock out with her bandmates in the video above.

SOURCE: Buzzfeed

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