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Philip Seymour Hoffman passed away over the weekend after a battle with drugs, and it’s certainly been a difficult time for colleagues, friends, and family.

For the first time since news of Hoffman’s passing, his long time partner Mimi O’Donnell came out of seclusion and headed to an Upper East Side funeral home to make arrangements for Friday’s service (See picture here).

According to TMZ:

“Hoffman and O’Donnell were together 15 years and had three kids. There are unconfirmed reports the two split recently. We’re told the funeral will be small and private — for family and close friends.”

The site also reports that the late actor withdrew $1,200 in cash the day before his death and that heroin – the drug that may have killed Hoffman – was not actually found in his apartment. The site explains:

TMZ has confirmed Hoffman withdrew the money in six transactions inside the Manhattan supermarket.

Also … police did not find the infamous “deadly heroin” in Hoffman’s apartment. The mix of the powerful painkiller fentanyl and heroin caused dozens of deaths on the East coast this year … but it was not among the drugs scattered around the apartment.

Still, this unfortunate mystery continues, as four suspects have been arrested in connection with his death and two of the people targeted are reportedly known PSH heroin drug dealers. TMZ reports:

Sources also tell us … someone involved in the heroin market in NYC contacted police and gave them the names and addresses of two alleged drug dealers who pushed the drug.

We’re told the heroin user told cops he buys from the same dealer Hoffman frequented and sometimes saw Hoffman in the dealer’s apartment.  The informant says Hoffman would buy “bundles” of heroin at a time … twice a week.

Sources say the informant told cops … the alleged dealer — a musician for a famous rapper — would sometimes run out of his supply and use a secondary dealer, who sold “cheap s**t heroin” that was dangerous.  And the informant says … Hoffman would get the secondary supply.

How sad. His family and friends are in our prayers.