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Mean Girls is probably one of the most memorable movies of all time and yesterday, we were reminded of its greatness. (As if you forgot).

Lindsay Lohan met up with Daniel Franzeseher former costar who played Damian in the comedy about catty high school students. She shared a picture with fans via Instagram, captioning the flick:

“@whatsupdanny #soquiche #werknyc.”

Danny reposted the photo and added:

“Classic NYC moment after an amazing dinner at #BodegaNegra You can’t sit with us!”

Neither Lindsay nor Danny wore the fashionable, oversized pink tee that Damian lent Cady in the film, but nonetheless, they looked great. Mean Girls director Mark Waters recently reflected on the movie’s 10-year legacy, telling Vulture:

“When I gave it to her, she was like, ‘I f–king love Regina George! This is exactly the part I want to play.’ So we did a read-through, and we were trying to look for somebody to play the role of Cady, but frankly, we didn’t find anyone we liked who felt strong enough to go up against Lindsay. Lindsay kind of begrudgingly said, ‘Okay, I guess I’ll play the lead. At least I get to have more lines.’ I remember watching her do the scene and after it was over, I told her, ‘I think you’re a movie star, but you’re way too old for this character. You just aren’t going to be able to play the ingénue.’ And she said, ‘No, I understand, I get it.’ When Lindsay was acting with Rachel, she got very shy, because Rachel was older and a very accomplished actress. She’d come in the room and not talk to Lindsay—she was very focused. Lindsay kind of got nervous around her, and I thought that, more than anything, was going to be the deciding factor, the fact that she affected Lindsay in that way.”

Check out the photo above and leave all your Mean Girl memories in the comment section below.

SOURCE: Vulture | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram

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