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Regina Hall has one of those beautiful faces that you just don’t forget.

Even though we don’t get to her see on the big screen as often as we’d like, she’s made several great impressions in movies like The Best Man, Think Like A Man, and Scary Movie, and somewhere along the line we fell in love.

Now the quirky, funny, and drop-dead gorgeous actress is all set to make a mark on our hearts this Valentine’s Day with About Last Night, a film that follows two couples through the ups and downs of their relationships.

Needless to say, we can’t wait!

In celebration, we decided to gather 10 times Regina was perfect (even though there are PLENTY more).

Be sure to support our Valentine by hitting up a theater near you this V-Day but before you do, get to know the two couples in About Last Night by visiting the Love 4 All Seasons blog here.


Beautiful Behavior: 10 Times Regina Hall Was Perfect
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