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Channing Tatum stopped by Ellen to pay a visit this week, and while he’s no long in male-stripper-shape, the new dad is still one of the sexiest man we wish we knew.

Ellen DeGeneres and Channing sat down to discuss what the Magic Mike actor and his wife Jenna Dewan have going on nowadays and the answer may surprise you:

“What you’ve done since Magic Mike is now, whenever you dance, we think you’re going to take your clothes off,” joked the show’s host.

“You definitely don’t want that right now,” the actor said. “Right now – what me and my wife like to call it – I’m very fappy…I’m very fat and happy right now.”

We’re not sure what fat he’s referring to; we think he’s still got it. As far as work, Tatum says he’s currently just enjoying some time off.

“Just for the once, I’ve been working for two straight years and now it’s some really needed down time,” he said.

In his downtime, Channing spends a majority of his days kickin’ it with his 8-month-old baby Everly. However, Tatum worries that he’s not “cool enough” for his little princess.

“She actually has better taste in music than I think I do,” he said. “Because she will only fall asleep to really good music.”

So what are her current faves? According to her proud papa, Everly likes listening to Drake and “loves falling asleep” to Prince’s “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World.”

“She might be conceited,” he joked. “I’m not sure.”

She’s got a right to be – the girl’s got good genes.


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