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Ever wondered who Baby Bash looks more like? Well, wonder no more!

Amber Rose, aka Muva Rosebud, shared an adorable flashback photo that clued us in as to exactly where Sebastian gets his good looks. The photo shows a pigtail-clad Amber kickin’ it on her stoop back in the day.

“tbt I see my son in myself so much,” the model-turned-mama captioned the photo.

He looks just like you, Amb.

Mrs. Khalifa also decided to show her hubby, Wiz Khalifa, a little Valentine’s Day love via Instagram.

She shared a photo of the precious couple holding hands and sporting matching moto jackets as Amber rests her head on Wiz’s shoulder – or, what she could reach of it.

“Cam [hearts] Amb,” she wrote.

We all hate mush on V-day, but with these two, it’s somehow OK.

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram.

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