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It’s been a very tough week for Jordan Davis‘ family as the trial of the 17-year-old’s killer, Michael Dunn, is currently in progress.

Yesterday was the jury’s third day of deliberation in regard to a verdict, and the family is remaining positive in the meantime.

They recently said during a press conference to First Coast News:

“We’re still feeling hopeful. No matter what, we’re always going to feel hopeful because we know the truth and we know that the world knows the truth and that’s what we’ll always stand on.”

The family of the teenager has been incredibly strong throughout the trial so far, which might be due to the guidance of the family of Trayvon Martin.

Jacksonville attorney John Phillips told the site:

“This family is strong. I never really had to prepare them for the worst case scenario. They’re ready. They understand. They lived it through Trayvon’s family. They knew Trayvon’s family when that verdict came down and they’ve talked to them this week.”

Dunn is facing three counts of attempted murder, as well as first-degree murder charges after he fired 10 shots at Jordan Davis and his friends’ SUV where they were accused of blasting rap music too loudly. Three of the bullets fired killed Davis.

Right now, the Davis family is spending their time praying before the jury comes to a verdict.

We continue to pray for the Davis family, and hope that justice is served for their son.

SOURCE: First Coast News