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The death of Philip Seymour Hoffman has shocked so many, and given us all a heavy heart.

After it was reported that the legendary actor overdosed on heroin, authorities have been investigating his supplier.

According to TMZ, Robert Vineberg is the dealer accused of providing Philip Seymour with heroin and may be linked to some other celebrities who have overdosed in the past.

The site reports that he was a musician, who was friends with Amy Winehouse and Jean-Michel Basquiat, could have played a big part in their deaths.

Allegedly, Vineberg would shoot up with Basquiat in his apartment in the 80’s, since he was depressed over the death of his close friend Andy Warhol. Basquiat later passed away from an overdose in 1988, and now Vineberg’s name is being attached to his death.

There’s no proof him and Amy Winehouse did drugs together, even though she did die from acute alcohol poisoning after years of reportedly doing hard drugs.

Vineberg denies that he supplied any drugs to Philip Seymour Hoffman, but authorities are still investigating.

Our prayers are with his family during this tragic time.


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