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Today must be the day all unreleased tracks from our favorite pop stars surface.

Earlier today, a never before heard Britney Spears track titled “Unbroken” leaked online. Now, a never before heard Lady Gaga song titled “Brooklyn Nights” makes its way into our hearts and headphones.

According to Gagapedia, “Brooklyn Nights” was recorded almost four years ago.

“Brooklyn Nights” is a song written by Lady Gaga on September 18, 2010, when she was in Charlotte, North Carolina, for the Monster Ball Tour. She talked about having written a new song and references it as “Charlotte” Nights. Before she played You and I at the show, she said “I did write another song today while I was here in North Carolina”, which she called “An impressive and interesting place” because of an “adult shop” she visited where “the pornography was staggering… Congratulations on your triple-X stores!” So she “got really inspired” to write “A great song here.”. The song for her ARTPOP album. She revealed the song title on September 20, 2013 via Twitter. The song was not included in the ARTPOP album, but Gaga confirmed the song would be available through the ARTPOP app during a Twitter Q&A.

Gaga’s Little Monsters are still patiently waiting for the release of her “Do What U Want” video featuring R. Kelly. The video was originally set to premiere in December 2013.

It’s almost 50 days into the new year, and there’s still no freaky “Do What U Want” video. In the meantime, get your Gaga fix by listening to this 30-second snippet down under.

SOURCE: Gagapedia 

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