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Listen up, because Pharrell’s dropping knowledge.

During last night’s Brit Awards in the UK, BBC’s Zane Lowe caught up with the “Happy” producer to discuss his recent album announcement. Pharrell’s album title, G I R L, has piqued the interest of many, so he explained the meaning behind the female-inspired title.

“The reason why I named it G I R L in capital letters is because when you look at it, it looks a little weird. And the reason why it does is because society is a little unbalanced. And I just thought like, if I’m gonna make an album, I need to make an album that says everything that I’ve ever wanted to say, like dreamt of. And women have been so good to me over my career. Everything I’ve ever gotten is because they’ve paid for so they’re like my bosses—indirectly and directly. I wanted to analyze that for a second.”

Pharrell continued to discuss his admiration for women, stating:

“I admire women in a lot of ways, but I needed to make sure that everyone knew that. On the surface, I do look and I do like them and I appreciate them in my little dirty ways here and there, but at the core, is what I’m telling you. We need them. Every living breathing human being on this planet regardless to your sexual orientation benefits from two things…from a woman: the agreement to enter the act and the agreement to have you. So they have the power. Every human being has come through those silver-lined doors.”

Damn, that was deep.

G I R L will hit store shelves on March 3. You can also catch Pharrell at the Coachella Music Festival in April and on Bruno Mars’ upcoming spring tour. Watch his quick interview with Zane Lowe up top.

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