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Oh, Georgia. When will you learn?

The Peach State has just approved a new license plate that features the Confederate flag. The flag has always been controversial: critics say it’s a symbol of racism, while defenders claim they’re just honoring their southern heritage.

(Kanye West just thinks it looks cool on clothes).

Maynard Eaton, a spokesman for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

“To display this is reprehensible…We don’t have license plates saying ‘Black Power.’”

While Ray McBerry, a spokesman for the Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, told the paper that it means no harm and that people should be able to celebrate their heritage:

“By sanctioning the plate, they are not saying they agree with our organization. They’re just saying it’s a level playing field.”

Funny thing is that this new plate replaces an older Confederate-designed plate that’s been around since the early 2000s. What’s the big difference? The flag will be more prominent on this new one.


The state said it already had 35 orders for the new license plate. To see the design, click here.

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