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They might have the most random friendship ever, but Gwyneth Paltrow and Jay Z really are BFF’s.

After she’s gone to see a countless number of Jigga’s shows and gotten close to King Bey, the gorgeous actress is opening up with some more details on her friendship with the Hip-Hop mogul and rapper in the March 2014 issue of Fair Lady mag.

Gwyneth revealed that her kids have a special relationship with Hov and even call him “Uncle Jay”.

Check out a snippet of her interview below:

On Uncle Jay-Z:

“He really has mastered the art of being his own ‘being.’ He is an incredible person, and so I find it really inspiring.”

On her kids favorite music genre:

“I think my son would like to be more like Uncle Jay! He asked me the other day how he can look more like Uncle Jay. I said I would have to think about it! And my daughter is more into indie rock. She wants to have a band. But my son is an amazing hiphop little guy. You can’t believe it. I had a note from his teacher the other day. She said, ‘Dear Mrs. Martin, I would like tell you that all the children sang me ‘Happy Birthday’ today and afterwards Moses did a spontaneous rap that was actually brilliant.”

On her kids interest in acting and music:

“Neither of my kids has said that they want to act. They are both very into music and they both express that they want to do music in some way, but not acting.”

On her career:

“I think that in this day and age, when film seems to be going in the direction of massive blockbusters and superhero movies – which we love and are wonderful, of course it’s also important that smaller, independent films get the attention and the financing they need and deserve.”

It looks like Jay has some artistic buddies in line for Blue Ivy! How cute was this interview?

SOURCE: Fair Lady Magazine 

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