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Started from the bottom, now we here! OK, being on television isn’t quite the bottom, but you get the idea.

This weekend, Hollywood’s biggest movie stars will head to the Oscars to accept their awards for kickass film work, but did you know some of them actually got their start on television? Yes, there’s some of the obvious folks like Fresh Prince Will Smithbut did you know Tom Hanks had a TV show in which he had to dress like a woman?

Hell, before The Wire, Michael B. Jordan was a cast member on Cosby.


There isn’t a television show out now (unless you’re counting HBO) that can afford Leonardo DiCaprio or Denzel Washington, but both men used to appear weekly on tube screens in a home near you. So to celebrate growth and the Oscars, we’re giving you a history lesson on the biggest movie stars back when they were on TV.

Let’s take this trip down memory lane.


16 Movie Stars Who Got Their Start On Television (PHOTOS)
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