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Miley Cyrus kissed another girl. And from the looks of it, she liked it.

She just can’t stop locking lips with the ladies. During the Los Angeles leg of her Bangerz tour, Miley took a second to pucker up with fellow girl-kisser Katy Perry in what happens to be one of the more toned-down moments of the show.

Last night, Miley got lesbi-honest once again, this time with rapper and label-mate Brooke Candy. She tweeted a flick of their fling, saying:

Brooke first shared the photo on her Instagram captioned with only the word “YUM,” so we have to assume she liked the taste of Miley’s cherry Chapstick.

Honestly, nothing she does comes as a shocker these days. She’s just being Miley.

And, we’re gonna let you finish (and kiss all the girls you want), Miley, but Madonna and Britney had one of the best girl-on-girl kisses of all time.


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