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Ghostface Killah is the star of this season’s Couples Therapy on VH1.

And he’s kind of a dick. OK, maybe “dick” is a strong word: but the Wu-Tang Clan member, who is regarded as one of the greatest MCs of all time, is as blunt as anyone you’ll ever see on TV.

On the show, Ghostface Killah is juggling two girls, Kelsey and Leticia. Kelsey is Ghost’s girl, while Leticia is his side chick. This set up, obviously, has caused a great amount of friction between the three. And Ghost has felt the wrath of those on Twitter.

Here’s the thing, though: If you know anything about Ghostface, you’ll realize that this TV persona isn’t that different from his musical persona.

Here are seven Ghostface songs that prove he’s the ultimate ladies’ man (with synopsis for each, just in case you’re low on time and can’t listen).

“Big Girl”


Ghostface meets a group of pretty young ladies at a club. The girls are addicted to drugs. Ghost hits them off with coke, while having good conversation with the ladies. However, he starts to feel bad, because he knows the women come from backgrounds where they didn’t get enough love. So he starts envisioning a world in which he could be these girls’ fathers and lead them down the right path.

“Back Like That”


Ghost finds out that his woman is cheating on him. It turns out the dude she was seeing is one of Ghostface’s enemies. (Years ago, Ghostface broke this dude’s jaw because he snitched on Trevor). Ghost is a “Monster Don,” so he has to regulate. So even though his girl is crying, Ghost kicks her out of the house, sending her back to her parents’ house. And as for the other guy: it looks like bad news for him. When Ghost catches him, he’s gonna work him out.

“Child’s Play”


As a child, Ghostface is in love with this girl named Sally, who had an ass like Deborah Cox and a face like Lauryn Hill. His crush with Sally would blossom into a fling, where he eventually had sex with her. Ghost had a lot of love for this girl: so much so that when Sally got jumped by some girls, he jumped in swinging. However, his heart got broken when he found out that Sally kissed another boy named Rob. He was so mad that he broke her Chick-O-Sticks.

“It’s Over” 


Ghost is heading out of a Western End with one of his favorite sidepieces. You can tell this side chick is important to Ghost, because he doesn’t use protection when he’s with her. As they head out, Ghostface freaks out because he sees his wife. (How did she find him? She must have checked his phone). Ghost tells his girl to keep on walking because his wife is there. His wife sees the two, pulls out a glock and shoots Ghost’s side chick dead. Ghost is heartbroken because he loses one of his favorite joints.




The RZA and Killa Sin listen in as Ghostface has sex with a sexy young woman, with an “ass” that is “off the hook.” The young lady is riding Ghost, however Ghost is urging her to slow down: her vagina is too wet and he feels like he’s about to cum. She doesn’t slow down and he ends up finishing. Ghost isn’t tripping about his performance, though: he has “50 other bitches” and some of them “eat bitches.”

“Guest House”


Ghost is chilling in his house, eating a salad. Ghost’s penis gets hard, that’s when he realizes that his wife isn’t home and it’s midnight. Ghost starts to panic, thinking something happened to his wife; but then he remembers it’s Keeba’s birthday and maybe she’s at her house. Ghost calls Keeba and Keeba says she saw her a couple of hours ago and they had some Hennessy. Ghost leaves his house to look for his wife, but something tells him to check his guesthouse. He enters and he sees his wife having sex with the guy that put in his Fios earlier. Ghost pulls a gun on both of them and threatens them. Then he starts busting shots at the Fios guy, who leaves yelling that he’ll get revenge.



Ghostface is furious. He came home and found out that his girl was cheating on him while he was on tour. So he starts yelling various vulgar things at her: he tells her he “fucked” her friend and he also reminds her of all the good sex that he gave her over the years. In fact, he’s so mad that he wants to physically attack her, but, luckily, the Gods said, “chill.


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