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Watch out Kim – Your little sis is coming for that backside spotlight.

Since divorcing her ex-hubby, Lamar Odom, Khloe Kardashian has really gotten herself into tip-top shape with the hopes of finding “a love so deep, the ocean would be jealous.”

The Keeping Up With The Kardashian star recently posted a new photo on Instagram, and not only is she showing off what her momager gave her, Khloe is also flipping the bird.

We think it’s fair to say Khloe’s cakes rival Kim K.’s.

Khloe also posted the above quote…she’s been in her feelings lately.

We already know that Lamar is trying his best to get Khloe back and hopes that they can reunite, but by the looks of things Khlo-Money is ready to move on. Hey, when it rains it pours.

Meanwhile, The Game is stirring up a ton of talk in the Kardashian world, as the audio of the family friend rapping on the original “I Hit It First” track with Kim’s ex, Ray-J, was released.

TMZ caught the audio – which was recorded before the track with just Ray-J was put out – and the lyrics sound like they may be hinting at a little Kim K. action.

The site reports:

Game is cryptic with his XXX lyrics — but makes reference to her store “Dash” … and says he’ll show people how to really “drive that ghost” (seemingly talking about Kim’s Rolls Royce Ghost.)

The Game has already confirmed that he used to date Kim back in the day and while rumors were circulating that he was dating Khloe now, the two seem to just be friends, as the Instagram caption for the above pic confirms:

Since it’s Sunday in Europe, I just wanna thank God for creating a nigga like me so that women across the world can stay moist as they wrap their heads, put on their pajamas & tickle that little ball down below with their index & middle finger together as only a REAL WOMAN would. & on that note, I’m taking my goodlookin’, thugged out, good daddy being ass to sleep…….. Oh yea & one more thing.. I got a woman so now that ya va-jay-jay moist like hot water on a bathroom mirror… Call the nigga in ya phone that beat it up the best & let him do his mothafuckin thang !!!!! Come back on this picture in the morning & let me know how that was…………. Hoodnight (no typo) – @thegame

Check out the audio track from The Game over at TMZ!


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