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Before she was slaying audiences with her hilarious brand of comedy, Tina Fey was just a young actress trying to land a job – any job.

Fey appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to recall her worst audition ever and, of course, it’s pretty hilarious. Before she became one of the biggest names in Hollywood, Tina was living in Chicago with her funny-woman BFF Amy Poehler looking for acting jobs.

Unfortunately, not every interview was a walk in the park.

“I could never book anything because I didn’t look like anything,” she said. “I had short hair with a perm on top, but I was young. I didn’t look like a mom, I didn’t look like a person — I just didn’t look like anything.”

Of the many auditions she went on during that time, Tina says one in particular went veryvery bad. She and her up-and-coming acting pals decided to try out for a commercial with fast food giant McDonald’s. Tina recalls that, at the time, a McDonald’s commercial would have been “big money,” however due to some unforeseen circumstances, none of that money would be Tina’s.

“I have this big ole scar on my face, which I didn’t realize was going to be featured prominently in my audition for McDonald’s,” she said.

After waiting more than two hours for her turn to audition and realizing this one just wasn’t going to happen, Tina kept her cool and gave it the old college try – kind of.

“I was just like, ‘Hi, I’ll have a Big Mac, and my scar will have an orange soda.’ And I just left because they weren’t going to give me that.”

If it’s any consolation, Tina, we think McDonald’s is probably regretting not giving both you and your scar that role.

SOURCE: E! News | VIDEO CREDIT: The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

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