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Rick Ross stopped by Power 105’s The Breakfast Club this morning, and it was nothing short of an epic event.

The Mastermind rapper discussed everything from the release of his sixth studio album, to the controversy surrounding his Trayvon Martin lyric on “BLK & WHT.” And of course, the Maybach Music boss commented on 50 Cent’s recent online accusations about his relationship with Diddy.

The best part of the interview arrived when the “War Ready” rapper began ranting about getting money, taking care of his family, and “donkeys” (shots fired at 50). It’s not often we get the chance to hear the Miami native talk that talk, so we decided to round up his 22 best quotes about being rich forever.

Take a few minutes out of your day and ingest the wise word from a rich man down below.

“We winning. Check the scoreboard, Yah mean? We running the numbers up high. Ya dig?”

“You gotta hang them chandeliers, baby.”

“I’m in the middle of a 25 franchise [Wing Stop] deal.”

“If you not talking about Ricky Rozay. You’re not talking about the culture, homie. Because we’re a part of everything…from the way we dress, from what we drive, to the music we listen to, to the artist we put on.”

“Double M-G. Rick Ross. I haven’t took one L since I been in this game. I came in the game in ’06, and we’ve been winning. I’m talking about WINNING! In a major way. Ya, under dig?”

“If we talking about Holyfield’s estate, the crib I live in now is more expensive than that…It was built for $25 million, and I caught it for a little under 6, but that’s the business man I am.”

“When I came in this game, and I started these different campaigns…it’s about where you’re going to be 10 years from now. There’s a lot of dudes who don’t have a 3 month plan. Double M-G got a 5 year plan.”

“If I actually took time out and spoke out on a lot of these people, I’d mess up a lot of these people’s…you know.”

“All my homies eating. All my homies ride Phantoms…Ghosts. Rolls Royces. Mansions. Three levels. Elevators. Champagne. Bel-Air. Ciroc Boys. And we open the door to everybody that want to win.”

“The Ferraris are in abundance. I don’t know where the keys at.”

“We ain’t got one yacht. We got two yachts…called Rich Forever.”

“Y’all wanna crack jokes and be donkeys, but when you were in position of power, you better put your team on. You better feed your family.”

“Gucci Pucci get a new Porsche every year…he gotta start paying his half of that garage bill now. Cause when I shine, my homies shine.”

“When I shine, my family shines. When I buy a Wing Stop, my sisters and mama buy a Wing Stop. I let them cut the ribbons. You better check my IG. This is forreal homie.”

“It takes a man of power to start a war, and an even bigger man to make peace. Ya under dig?”

“I can afford to make peace. I can afford to put dudes on. I can afford to be a problem.”

“I represent my team now…And I’m giving them game right now. They better DVR this. This how you have this longevity.”

“You can sell 10 million one time, or I can sell 1 million 10 times.”

“We sweeping the streets clean, we ain’t leaving nothing on the table.”

“You take notes, ya under dig?”

“Diddy you already know that’s day one. We done got millions together, and we still get more millions…This ain’t finna stop, we own a TV channel now. You see how I say ‘we?'” Because that’s my dog, cause if that’s your dog you gotta rep it like you own it.” 

“God is great.” 

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, YouTube, GettyImages

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