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Did Michael Jackson have a secret child? According to one young man, yes.

Brandon Howard, an aspiring singer, claims the King Of Pop is his biological father and he can prove it. Howard underwent DNA testing to prove he doesn’t just look like MJ, but that they’re actually related.

Unfortunately, according to the strange DNA test, it’s Michael’s pop, Joe Jackson, who fathered Howard. According to the NY Daily News, Brandon does not have a birth certificate, but is believed to have been born in 1981. They also report that he is the one Michael was singing about in “Billie Jean” when he said, “the kid is not my son.”

The Jackson family has been aware of the speculation for many years, but they aren’t buying it.

“I’ve been hearing for years that Brandon is Joe’s son,” a source said.

To make matters more confusing, singer Augie Johnson claims he is Howard’s father. The 65-year-old sang backup vocals on Michael’s album, Off The Wall.

Brandon’s mother, former pop singer Miki Howard, is said to have once been represented by Joe Jackson. She also appeared in Poetic Justice with Michael’s sister Janet.

The paternity confusion reached a new high during a press conference in Beverly Hills yesterday that was organized by entrepreneur Alki David and streamed live on Though Howard wasn’t present at the event to make the announcement of the DNA results, he confirmed via Facebook that he gave a DNA sample for the test.

Beverly Hills dental surgeon Dr. Joseph Goodman unveiled the test results. Goodman claims he was able to obtain MJ’s DNA from a dental device that once belonged to the esteemed pop star. He reportedly bought the device at an auction.

According to the piece of paper baring the test results, Goodman said there was a “99.9 percent” chance of Michael being a match.

“I think we have the proof,” Goodman said.

Unfortunately, something seems fishy about the test results. The paperwork did not include the names of either test subject or the testing lab. David claims the tests are generally done anonymously and that the information had been put under a security safeguard.

“I’m sure that there will be doubters and there will be haters and there will be those who create, build a controversy, but it is what it is,” he said.

The Jackson family lawyer also senses something odd about the test results.

“It sounds like a fraud to me,” said Howard Weitzman.

And that’s not all. According to TMZ, the test results – and the company that allegedly produced them – are totally bogus.

TMZ reports that the company is so bogus, in fact, that the logo used on the test results was lifted straight from the big screen. They were able to obtain a photo of the test result sheet claiming that Michael is a 99.99999 percent match and found that there is no such DNA testing lab in existence.

Further investigation found that the logo was the same logo used for promotional shirts for the film Terminator Salvation.