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Today in “Stories From Florida,” we have a man who threw a toaster at his wife because she wouldn’t have sex with him, a Palm Bay High teacher who was arrested after forcing a minor girl to undress in front of men and consume alcohol, and a prominent dolphin researcher who put a sick bottlenose dolphin in a swimming pool.

Teacher Alert

Jason Burchfield, 45, was arrested on three felony counts of child abuse, as well as three felony counts of failure to report child abuse. The Palm Bay High gym teacher and baseball coach reportedly took part in forcing a minor younger than 14 to undress in front of men and consume alcohol.

According to the warrant, on three separate occasions, Burchfield visited a male friend in Satellite Beach, where the friend’s stepdaughter was forced to take her clothes off in front of the men and drink liquor. Burchfield has confirmed visits to the house, as well as the allegations, and has been placed on administrative leave.

His bond was set at $36,000 and he posted it. Read about it here.

Toaster Sex

Jong Park, 37, was arrested early Tuesday morning after he threw a toaster at his wife who refused to have sex with him, according to authorities. The man, who ironically lives on Tranquil Lane in Boca Raton, was released from Palm Beach County Jail on his own recognizance the following afternoon, but faces domestic battery charges.

According to his wife, when she refused to have sex with him, Park hit her, pulled her hair, and threw a toaster at her. In her sworn statement, she said she was scared to go back home because he’d threatened to hit her again.

Unfortunately, they have a 6-year-old and 3-year-old who also live in their home. Read about it here.

Sick Dolphins & Swimming Pools

Steve McCulloch, a prominent dolphin researcher, was in the process of rescuing a dolphin in a Vero Beach resort, when he moved the sick animal from the beach to the local pool before transporting it to a local veterinary clinic for euthanasia.

McCulloch has since been suspended for his “egregious actions,” as he may have exposed people to infection. The dolphin reportedly showed signs of morbillivirus, “a measles-like virus responsible for almost 200 recent dolphin deaths from New York to Florida.”

Read about it here.