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It’s finally here! 300: Rise Of An Empire is in theaters now and we got the scoop on the film’s two leading ladies: Queen Gorgo (played by Lena Headey) and Artemisia (played by Eva Green). Lena returns to 300 happier than ever, even as her character Queen Gorgo is thirsty for revenge after losing her husband in the first 300.

“When they first said we’re making a sequel, I was thinking ‘Everyone’s dead, what are they going to do,’ then I read it. I loved Eva’s role I was like, ‘Fuck that’s great.’ Then I got to the end and I was like ‘Ah, I get a sword!’ Then I was happy.”

This time around, Lena had to go through hell to get into shape and learn the fight moves. But she didn’t complain about the pain for a number of reasons.

“You just want to be good and do your fucking job and commit to it.”

Don’t feel bad for her though, she admits she enjoyed the pain:

“I like it, so I’m a little masochistic. It’s intense; it’s a good couple of hours.”

The role might seem a little similar to her character on the hit HBO show Game of Thrones, but Lena broke down the difference:

“Cersei is morally questionable and I think Gorgo is a committed wife and loving mother. Gorgo is morally correct and Cersei doesn’t have any boundaries where that’s concerned. She’s kind of more fun to play, because playing a psycho is always fun.”

Lena had to sit through hours of makeup to cover her tattoos, she jokes, “I’m a makeup artist’s joy.”

As for her body art, Lena admits, “When they’re covered up I actually feel a bit weird, like part of me is gone.”

We also talked to beauty Eva Green, who plays the main enemy of the Greeks in this film. She got to portray a mean kickass female who is nice with the sword.

“For me, it was the action to be able to fight with swords. It’s cool because she’s not a love interest, she’s not a girlfriend. She’s so full on and very brave. So impassioned. It’s kind of jubilating.”

Adding to that fun, Eva explains that Artemisia is…

“So ruthless. She has no conscience and she doesn’t tolerate incompetence and if you don’t follow her orders, it’s off with your head.”

On that note, the only thing left to do is to go see 300: Rise Of An Empire, in theaters now.

PHOTO CREDIT: Warner Bros. 

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